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3 Maintenance Kits For Garage Doors and Overhead Doors That You Need

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Properly maintaining your garage or overhead doors is a must. They may look all right from the outside and they may open and close like a charm. But, if there are problems with their hinges, rollers or tracks it can spell trouble. If your door needs a paint job, you can easily do it yourself, save money and increase your home’s value in the process. Here are three products that will keep your doors in great shape for very little money.

Garage Door Hardware Tune-up Kit

This kit fits all sizes of garage doors and can fix any brand. It comes with 10 Rollers, 11 ball bearings, and more. You can order this kit for under $40 on Amazon. It is a must to have around the house.

Each kit comes with enough rollers and hinges to change out all of them. Note that you will need to get your own bolts and some brackets are best if they are reused rather than using the ones in this kit. If you need custom parts just ask the company, when you place your order.

The Atlas EPS Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit

Atlas EPS offers this indispensable kit. It works for doors that are 7-feet tall and up to 9-feet wide. It will help you keep your garage warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. You do not need any special tools to use it and it offers you an easily washable bright white finish. Your doors will also move quietly which can make life a lot more pleasant.

You may need to adjust the door after installing the installation. Single doors usually do not need an adjustment but two door garages or older overhead doors could need an adjustment. The item does not come with a fire rating but the kit will keep the cold out and that can be huge when it comes time to pay your energy bills. Speaking of which, it has an R-value of 4.8.

Giani Wood Look Garage Door Paint Kit

Third on our list of must-haves is this paint kit. The water-based acrylics work for 2-car garages and offer a classic black walnut tone which will improve the appearance and value of your home. The kit is made in the USA.

Give your door a two-step application and transform your white garage into a wood-toned one that will work on smooth doors, embossed doors and raised panel doors. The whole process takes only three hours. The kit provides 180 sq. feet of coverage and the paints are all low on odors and VOCs. You get two 16-ounce Giani Black-walnut wood-tone base coats, two 16 ounce black-walnut wood-grain finish coats and a paint mitt, a brush, stir sticks a tarp- basically everything you need for a like-new garage door!

You could spend hundreds of dollars on repairs or you could stay one step ahead with the maintenance kits listed here. The paint kit is a must for transforming your door to elevate your home’s appearance!

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