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5 Benefits to A Quality Office Chair

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Whether you work at an office downtown or you operate a home-based business, you should know how important it is have a quality office chair.  It might seem like any old chair will suffice for working at your desk but, in fact, the right chair can provide you with some excellent benefits you may not have considered.


Probably the most immediate benefit to a high quality office chair is back support.  Obviously, any chair (with a back, as opposed to a stool for example) will offer some back support. At the same time, a dining room chair is not designed for working at a desk.  Instead, you need to invest in Office chairs for sale from 123ink.ca because they will provide better back support for those long hours in front of your computer.  The support should be in the form of a cushioned back that is both firm enough to provide support but also soft enough to be comfortable.


Not only should a quality office chair have a comfortable back cushion, but it should also have a good seating pad as well.  You want a rounded seat with adequate padding that supports your hips and the base of your spine.

#3:  FIT

You might be surprised how well you can measure the fit of a chair: you just have to sit in it!  Basically, you want to sit in the chair to determine not only how comfortable it is but also if it is balanced (does it rock to one side?).  Check the height of the head rest and the arm rest and how long or wide the seat is (are your feet flat on the ground?).  Of course, adjustable features are highly desirable because you can customize the fit to your body type and size.


The height of a chair is also important, but most are adjustable. Again, you want to make sure that you have full spinal support as well as neck and head support but your feet will comfortable fall flat on the ground if you are sitting in the right chair.


Speaking of balance, you definitely want to find a chair that feels stable when you sit in it.  Does it wobble at all?  Does it lean?  Does it feel like it might topple over?  Do you feel safe and secure without having to brace yourself with your hands or feet?