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9 Lighting Tips To Jazz Up Your Home!

Lighting up your home can be confusing and fun at the same time. With interior trends changing every year, it’s hard to keep up with the new ideas. In this post, we bring 9 easy tips that will redefine lighting in your home!

  1. Consider the existing theme. Lights and fixtures should be in sync with the existing interior theme, and that’s the first thing every homeowner must consider before shopping for products.
  2. Include more innovative ceiling lights. From contemporary chandeliers to suspension lights and unique fixtures, there are so many ways to add charm to the primary source of lighting i.e. ceiling lights.
  3. Focus on geometry. The new-age designs are unbelievably simplistic and minimal, with focus on shapes and geometry. You don’t need complicated designs anymore – Follow the basic rule of keeping things simple.
  4. Add more floor lamps. If you want your living room to look bigger in scale, go for lampe sur pied. Floor lamps come in all sizes and designs, and in recent years, architectural and industrial-inspired designs have been trending.
  5. Include ambient lighting. You need spotlights and soft lighting in different parts of the house, often to highlight areas that need a tad more attention. For example, a special spotlight for the central painting in the living room is a good idea.
  6. Use mirrors. Believe it or not, adding mirrors in any room, especially big mirrors, can take the effect of lighting to the next level. Mirrors add visual space and can be used in a number of ways.
  7. Create soft spots. From the study table to the cabinets and kitchen cupboards, you can create areas where mood and soft lights can be used, especially for special days. You can also include a lot of scented candles as required.
  8. Don’t miss on functionality. While soft lighting always makes so much sense for the lazy days, you want to be sure that every room has at least one big source of light fore regular use. This can be a pendant light or a ceiling structure with different lights.
  9. Think of the long-term. Unique lighting ideas may seem great on paper and in magazines, but you should be able to maintain your fixtures in the long run. For example, avoid lighting fixtures where the source of light (bulb) is at a complicated angle and cannot be changed.

Start planning your home and check online for high-end lighting brands!