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A Quick Look at Lift and Slide Doors

Lift and slide doors have become quite the popular choice for living spaces in North America.  Essentially, lift and slide doors turn a wall into massive window but with other options, too. Basically, this is a large glass wall that lets you open to the outside world with just a few turns of a simple handle.  Nearly silent in operation, NeuFenster lift and slide doors

offer quite seamless functionality as well as space-saving designs.


Obviously, there are many benefits to installing lift and slide doors in your home.  One of the main benefits, is that lift and slide doors save space by adjusting an opening in what would have been a wall instead of relying on a traditional door.  It is excellent in small rooms or in places when a hinged door might not be the most practical. Other benefits include:

  • Unobstructed, panoramic views  
  • Unexpected level of security and safety
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Energy efficiency
  • Versatility

Lets talk a little about versatility. With a lift and slide door, when you turn the handle down, the door is basically locked in place.  In addition to security, of course, this motion compresses the weather seals in all the gaskets which prevents air leakage.  If you turn the handle 180 degrees, however, the door unlocks and engages the wheels; the door rises from the gaskets to be able to glide on the rail.  

In addition, lift and slide doors are extensively tested to meet the latest codes and standards.


While the lift and slide door can be ideal for many homes, it is not without its own complications. This can be true of almost any customization you might make so be sure to weigh some of these potential issues against the obvious benefits to ensure it is the best choice:

  • The handle can sometimes get stuck in the horizontal position, which results in the door not shutting properly
  • Because of the expanse of glass, cleaning might be more extensive than you would prefer.  Obviously not a big deal, most of the time, but it can get tedious
  • Also, such a large expanse of glass leaves you vulnerable to privacy invasion. Be sure to us curtains or other shades to offer improved privacy when you need it
  • And because of the lack of privacy, your home may be more vulnerable to burglary