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Add a Natural Element with a Cowhide Rug

After you have spent so much time and energy choosing the right furnishings, paint colors, light fixtures and more for your home, you may think that your home should have a perfectly desirable look. However, many people are dismayed to find that their home still lacks a pulled-together look. It may feel as though your home is missing an important decorative element, but you simply cannot place a finger on what is missing. With a closer look at the many benefits of decorating with cow hides and how these materials can be used in strategic ways throughout the home, you may be eager to start shopping for the right hide to use in your home décor.

How to Use Cow Hides in Your Home
It is easy to overlook the importance of floor coverings when decorating your living room, bedroom or other rooms in the home. After all, your attention may understandably be focused on large features, such as furnishings, and on the color scheme in the room. However, without a floor covering over your carpet, tile or hardwood, your room can look bare and unfinished. Cowhide rugs are the perfect option to consider when you want a unique material that is not overly unusual. These hides are most commonly used as a type of soft, distinctive covering over your floor, but they have other uses. For example, if your sofa looks a bit too plain, tossing a cow skin over the back of it can instantly create personality. If you are baffled about how to decorate a large, empty wall in your home, hanging the cow hide on it as a special decorative feature may be a great idea.

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What to Expect From Cowhide Rugs
Many people shy away from using this material as a decorative feature in their home because they do not know what to expect from it. The good news is that this material is very durable, is stain-resistant and is easy to care for. You can place it on floors in high-traffic areas in your home, and you can expect it to be impervious to signs of wear for a long period of time. Some people are concerned about introducing animal hide in their home because of allergies. However, this is a hypo-allergenic material that may actually be better for use in homes with allergy sufferers than some of the other more common floor coverings that you may be thinking about using.

How to Find the Right Rug
Cowhide rugs are available in a moderate range of sizes as well as in a seemingly endless range of color combinations. The primary colors are black, beige, tan, white, rust and others. Some hides have a solid hue, but many have a combination of hues that give each one a distinctive look. For example, some may have a few large spots, and others may have small mottled blots. With this in mind, you have the ability to select the right rug for your needs. You could try to find a rug retailer locally, but a better idea may be to search the Internet for a rug with the right look. When ordering online, ensure that the rug featured in the image is the actual rug that you will receive.

Bringing cow skin into your home as a decorative feature may not be the right option for everyone, but it may be a smart idea for you. This material looks wonderful with country and rustic décor, but it also has great applications with contemporary, modern and other decorative themes. Take a closer look at some of the many different skins available today that may look amazing in some of your rooms.