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Benefits of Waterproofing Your Stairs

Whenever purposing to make some improvements to your home, you should not forget your stairs since they are also an integral part of the house. One of the ways you can improve your stairs is waterproofing them which can be done by applying a layer of impermeable coating. This not only improves their overall look but also increases their durability thus saving you from making regular costly repairs. Below are several benefits of stairs waterproofing.

Enhances your Safety

Your preexisting staircase materials can split or crack with time. This will be mainly caused by spilling water which makes the staircase woodwork weak. Once the cracks and splits occur, they can be a trip hazard which can cause serious injuries. Also, the spilled water will erode the staircase coating which makes them skid-prone especially when you are in a hurried rush. By waterproofing them, you will reduce the risk of these accidents and hazards which will give you peace of mind especially if you have small kids or when hosting guests. Additionally, if you have rental property, stairs waterproofing will reduce the liability caused by fall and slip accidents.

Improves the Style of Your Home

To improve the overall look of your property, you must ensure that your staircase stands-out alongside other house aspects. Just like the appearance of your railings, window frames and doors is important, the appearance if the floor should also not be overlooked. The good thing is that you can select from a range of colors when applying a waterproof coating which means that you can complement your staircase with the rest of the house or the furniture. This enhances the overall beauty of your property.

Protects your Staircase

Just as the name suggests, waterproofing the stairs protects them from environmental damage which mostly occurs due to spilled or leaked water. In case the staircase is located outside the house, these damages will be more pronounced, and if not protected, the durability will be significantly reduced. By waterproofing your staircases, you also ensure that the value of the building doesn’t drop if at all you wish to sell it in future.

It saves you Money

A waterproofed staircase will not require frequent maintenance services since the environmental damage will be significantly reduced. As such, you will save money which can be used for other projects. Notably, if the steps get damaged, you will have to replace them occasionally to ensure your safety and to maintain the property’s value.

In a nutshell, stairs waterproofing is a step in the right direction since it will save you money and ensure your safety. A properly coated staircase will improve the overall look of your property which increases its sale value. In this sense, if you reside in California, consider visiting Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing for mazing home improvement services.