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Carpet Cleaning Tips to Protect Your Carpet from Stains


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Are you tired of dealing with carpet cleaning stains on your own? While you can always use your local professional carpet cleaning services to take care of stains and spills, you can also do a lot to prevent stains to your carpets. Use the tips in this blog post to keep your carpets looking good.

Always Have a Welcome Mat

You can prevent a lot of carpet stains by having a welcome mat at your front door. Just be sure to have your family use it. You can also put one at your back door and garage door. If you have any other entrances into your home, place a welcome mat in front of them. You’ll prevent a lot of dirt from being tracked into your carpet.

Eat and Drink At the Table

Do yourself a favor and only eat and drink at your kitchen or dining room table. Yea, you may have a coffee table in your living room and a nightstand in your bedroom. However, those tables are smaller and more likely to have a drink topple over on them. Also, if you never bring food in your bedroom or living room, you’ll never have to worry about drinks spilling on those carpet. Sure, it takes dedication, but it’s worth it.

Shoes Off Please

If you want to have really clean carpets, then make sure everyone in your family takes their shoes off before they come in your home. Shoes are a big culprit in the world of carpet stains. Think of everywhere you walk all day. Well, all of that is on the bottom of your shoes and will stain your carpets as soon as you walk inside your home. You can make it easier to remember to take your shoes by putting a shoe rack by your front door. It may take a few days to get used to this idea, but it’s well worth it. You won’t have to clean your carpets nearly as often.

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