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Customising Your Plantation Shutters

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There are several different kinds of shutters that you can choose from. There are also shutter blinds which are shutters that open and close to control the amount of light coming into your house. You can choose different amounts of light and different kinds of shutters for your home. One of the most popular varieties of shutters are plantation shutters. These are horizontally oriented shutters with slats that are typically made of wood.

They can be opened and closed, though that’s not necessarily a requirement. Plantation shutters are called that because of their connection to the antebellum aesthetic of the pre-Civil War southern United States. The area was dotted with plantations that are still known for their beauty, despite the horrors committed on them. The shutters have actually been in use since at least Ancient Rome, though. In those times, these shutters were usually made of stone or wood and were fixed in place.

Choosing Paints

When you choose your shutter blinds in Perth, you will have several different options. You will be able to choose blinds that are natural wood, sealed wood, or painted. Painted wood usually comes in five or more colours to choose from. It’s great because the wood can be made to match any decor. However, it does tend to obscure the look of natural wood. If you want to highlight the look of the natural wood while still protecting it from the elements, you should choose sealed wood. The wood can be stained before it is sealed; a stain will alter the colour of the wood and highlight the wood grain. It will then be sealed against potential damage. Lastly, you can choose bare wood. Bare wood is popular for many different reasons.

Why Bare Wood?

There are certain kinds of plantation shutters that are made of fragrant woods. You can often find woods made of linden or cedar that are actually fairly fragrant. When the wind blows through your windows, it brings the fragrance of the wood to different parts of your house. Obviously, if you paint and seal the wood, you will mask the scent. In those cases, bare wood is preferable. It’s the best way to ensure that the wood retains its natural scent and permeates throughout the house.

Faux Wood

In some cases, there are faux wood plantation shutters. These shutters are made of materials that are not actually wood, but are made to look and feel like wood. They’re often printed with wood grain and finished like wood. They’re often less expensive than real timber. Furthermore, they will not be subject to the elements like real timber. Faux wood is generally waterproof and free from decay. You’ll be able to keep them around for years without worrying about maintaining them.