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Disabled vet vows to never pay Austin automotive locksmith services again

On the morning of January 3rd 2018 Mr. Klein a Gulf War veteran and “war bad ass” woke up in his 1978 Toyota Chinook camper only to discover that the power inverter was left on and the vehicle will not be able to start on its own power. And that is a terrible thing for Mr. Klein because the shrapnel that is still in his leg really begins to burn when temperatures get lower than 30 degrees. And today the temperature is supposed to be colder than 10 degrees!

It was a beautiful day but then the combat war vet got a little distracted.

Mr. Klein stepped out into the morning snow and sunshine to soak in the beautiful site of his great country here in Texas. At this elevation and when it is this cold a persons lungs feel refreshed and revitalized. Mr. Klein’s little dog, or should we say “The little distraction” got his leash caught on the door and the door to the Chinook camper closed, effectively locking the little guy inside of the vehicle.

Mr. Klein is a wreck. Too much nicotine and loneliness!

This whole scene was hilarious to observe. Mr. Klein was standing there in his overall, one shoe off, his hair tore up like Buckwheat ate his dandruff and a really itchy look to him. With the dog now locked inside of the vehicle it was no wonder why the people who saw this scene were laughing so hard. I mean, everyone was laughing their asses off. One guy literally fell off of the 3 foot wall that he was drinking Coors light from. The drunk fellow turned out to not hit his head and continued to be able to drink is 12 back of Coors Light.

PTSD crazy flashbacks and everything!

From the distance the we observed the disabled Veteran guy he looked like he went PTSD crazy and started throwing snow balls at the little dog through the window. We heard loud profanities. I had to cover little Becky’s ears because if she heard what was said she could start cussing and throwing things like this whacked out Veteran did. While we were laughing he did not see our hear us. Being good Christians like we are we silently called a local Austin automotive locksmith service. To our amazement the Austin automotive locksmith arrived in only 10 minutes

Like hell I am going to pay for Austin automotive locksmith services!

Upon arrive the disabled Vet said; “Like hell I am going to pay for an Austin automotive locksmith to unlock my Chinook! You crazy!? I paid before and this little bastard dog slams me out”. The automotive locksmith was really caught off guard, when my husband ran over with his M14 legal semi automatic and made peace with the Veteran man. The locksmith was happy to see my husband and the lock was picked in just 3 minutes I have never seen an automotive locksmith work so fast to open a car door. He did not even ask for money. He picked the car door and bailed out quicker than hippies hunting pancakes.

Chinooks should chill the mind. So get a dog and chill.

After the interaction between the locksmith and disabled vet was over the vet sat down in his Chinook and lit his huge Cuban cigar. He said out loud “I love Austin automotive locksmiths. I love the ones that are cool. That guy was great. My dog is not great. But life is again great.” …And that is how a story makes happiness come true!