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Discount carpet tiles – the ideal way to save money

As far as saving money on flooring styles and yet making it effective and unique is concerned discount carpet tiles happen to be the most obvious options out there. In most of the cases, modular carpet squares and tiles are used in offices, daycares, restaurants, schools, commercial buildings, churches, and homes to name a few. If you are somehow or the other able to get them for a lower price it goes a long way in reducing the overall costs incurred in the project. That way, you can lower your overall budget as well. As far as the cheap carpet squares and tiles are concerned there are four main options – promotional, seconds, overruns, and closeouts. The seconds are also known as off goods.  Image result for Discount carpet tiles – the ideal way to save money


They are basically ones that are made by the manufacturers with the intention of testing a new product, seeing how well it would do in a particular market. It could be anything – a new color, a new size, or a new pattern for that matter. They are often distributed among carpet dealers for a short period of time. At times, they are even used in the market for commercial contracts. In this case, they are used for certain jobs. Once the manufacturer decides that the tiles have served their purpose they sell them for heavy discounts to the retailers. This can mean a big discount for you as well.


Overruns happen when a manufacturer more tiles than he intended to. As such this excess production puts pressure on the inventory. There may be several reasons as to why this happens. It could be poor forecasting. At times, when large orders are canceled such problems tend to arise as well. In such case, there is always a need for the manufacturer to get rid of the inventory as soon as may be possible. It is also possible to get solid hardwood flooring at discounted prices.

This is where carpet retailers buy huge lots of these overruns and that too at very little prices. The best thing about overruns is that they are of the best quality apart from the low price. They can be said to be offering the best combination in that regard.


No matter what kind of flooring project you are looking to carry out, seconds are one of the best options as far as saving money is concerned. Seconds are basically second-rate products as the name would indicate.

This is why they are never sold as top products. These defects are not always major defects. In fact, at times, they can be just simple cosmetic issues with the products. It could be that the tile in question is a little bit off-color. It may also be that its pattern is a little skewed or there could be slight lines in the carpet tile as such. In any case, if the problem were a major one the makers would have a hard time backing it up. In any case, these defects are not sufficient enough to affect the installation in any way.