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Four Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Kitchen trends change every year or so but that doesn’t mean you have to go with the flow.  It is your home, your kitchen, so you can do what you will with your space. That said, however, here are a few of the most popular Cuisines Rosemère kitchen trends to bring you into the most modern living.


While much focus has been placed on whitewashed walls and cabinets, not much attention has been on the flooring but that was a big trend this year. Or, rather, it seems that the sustained popularity of all white kitchens (and, sometimes, neutral colors) has evolved a sensibility to offset just a little with dark floors and accents. For those who appreciate the classic appeal of a white kitchen but feel it might be a little too anesthetic, a dark floor—especially a rich hardwood—could help add some character and depth.


Bypassing the open storage and shelving trend on this list—because the trend isn’t going anywhere—lets look instead at how you can best accentuate it.  With traditional cabinetry comes hardware—typically metallic—in the form of knobs and handles which help to add some character.  Open shelving, of course, improves convenience but diminishes much of that character. If you opt for more metallic notes—a stove hood or stainless steel refrigerator, for example—you can make better use of the absence of doors.


More and more people, these days, are trying to eat healthy and that means more fruits and vegetables and more whole foods in the diet.  Of course, eating more vegetables is easier said than done as vegetables are not often as exciting as traditional “proteins”.  Tools like “spiralizers” and other food processing equipment can help to make vegetables more fun to eat and prepare.  

But with all these new tools, comes the occupation of more space and that could complicate your kitchen counter space. With that in mind, consider installing or building an appliance garage. While you might keep a mixer and bowl in the cabinet because you rarely bake, you can keep a toaster, coffee maker, and food processors in a dedicated counter space (a la “appliance garage) that is closed off and out of the way but readily accessible when it comes time to cook.


Until now, “all-purpose” and “baking” in the same sentence would typically refer to flour but today you can enjoy bakeware made of Smart, tempered glass and a ceramic (exterior) that lets you not only mix and chill but are also freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.