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How to Care and Clean Different Types of Window Glasses

Most of you prefer to clean the house all by yourself especially those windows. However, the most important thing we stay unaware is the type of glass used in the windows.  If you choose to clean the windows on your own, make sure you know the type of glass you are working with. Since different types of glass has a different way to clean.

Windows comes in different shapes and sizes. The glass itself varies from windows to windows, so the method to clean will definitely vary.  Let us look on the type of windows installed in our homes and commercial buildings, and how to clean them.

Type of Window Glasses

If you do a thorough research, you will find that our homes and commercial buildings generally use these types of glasses –

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  • Annealed
  • Heat Strengthened
  • Tempered
  • Low- E
  • Insulated Glass Units
  • Ways to Clean Window Glasses
  • Annealed

Annealed is the most common window glass that is easy to clean. Created in a slow cooling process to relieve the internal stresses after formation, so if this type of glasses breaks in big shards. It is flat, so it is easier to clean. The professional window cleaning companies use a razor blade to scrape the glass, as it does not scratch. If you are cleaning the glasses on your own, don’t use a razor rather use water, sponge, dish soap and a microfiber towel to make the windows spec clean.

Heat Strengthened

As the name suggests, the glasses come heat treated to stimulate surface compression, but not to an extent so that it can shatter like those tempered glasses. This glass is harder than the annealed glasses. They break into smaller bits, but it can withstand a rapid change in the temperature outside and have blemishes. You should scrape this window with a razor. Since the debris on the window can make it compromise. Clean it with water, sponge, dish soap and a microfiber towel, but do not use a razor.


Extremely stronger than the annealed glasses is heat strengthened four to five times. Tempered glasses often referred as the safety glasses, since when it breaks it will scatter in small pieces without causing any serious injuries, just like those glasses on your vehicles. Tempered glasses normally comes stamped or etched and one of the toughest types of glasses to clean. Do make sure that you use a quality cleaner and microfiber towel to clean the windows and never scrub these windows.

Low E

This type of glasses comes with a coating to prevent the ultraviolet rays from heating your home from inside. It helps to cool down the temperature inside the home or commercial buildings. These glasses are little expensive and you should never use a window cleaner to clean it, as it might contain ammonia. Just use an ammonia free cleaner and a microfiber towel to clean if you do not like to hire a window cleaning company.

Insulated Glass Units

It comes with two pieces of glasses which are easy to separate with the use of a spacer that allows air or gas to seal the window panes. You will find these glasses might also come as tempered, but it might not have any standard stamping for glass identification. You can clean this glass with dish soap, water, and a microfiber towel.

Not all glasses are equal so you should treat them variedly. Window cleaning appears simple, but it is important to note the type of glass that you clean. Scratches on the glass are not easy to fix and can be expensive, moreover, window cleaning is time-consuming and dangerous. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional window cleaning company and have a spec clean home or business.