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How to Keep Your Bathroom Clog Free

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Your bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to clog in your home. After all, you have a toilet, sink, and bathtub to contend with. Each area needs to be maintained in a specific way to remain clog free. Use the tips in this blog post to find out how and you won’t need to call your local plumbing repair service nearly as often.

How to Keep Your Toilet Clog Free

You may not realize it, but your toilet is really easy to keep clog free. The only thing you need to do is keep a garbage bin in your bathroom. This will stop you from throwing garbage in your toilet, which is a major cause of clogs. The truth is you should only put toilet paper in your toilet. Everything else will clog your toilet. Yes, it’s easy to use your toilet like a garbage can, but you’ll need constant plumbing services if you continue to behave in that manner.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Sink Clog Free

The easiest way to keep your bathroom sink free of clogs is by placing a hair trap in your sink. Once you do that you won’t have to worry about your bathroom sink clogging up. That’s because hair is a major source of clogs in the bathroom.

How to Keep Your Bathtub Clog Free

You should also put a hair trap in your bathtub drain. This will catch a lot of hair and prevent a lot clogs. You should also avoid using bath oils and hair oils in your bathtub. That’s because oil of any kind will create clogs. It doesn’t matter if it’s cooking oil or perfumed bathroom oil, oil will clog your plumbing. If you must use something to perfume your bath, use epsom salt or bubble bath. Your bath will smell fabulous and you won’t have to worry about clogging your bath.

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