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How Unimanix is producing the best in class washers

Washers and cleaners are required for every industrial setup these days. Power washing and streaming applications are needed most in factories and industries. They are required to keep machines clean, and in some cases, to clean off some stubborn stains that might be left on a surface, which cannot be removed by regular detergents.

In Canada, there seems to be a frontrunner in the washing and cleaning sector. Unimanix, established in 1993, is now a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial power washers, steamers, cleaners and filtration services. With almost 25 years of experience in this industry, Unimanix has now become a leading brand of washing and cleaning services in the country.

The company today produces the best in class industrial and commercial washers, steamers, water filtration setups, detergents, oil water separators and mobile solutions to all cleaning and washing needs.

Why is this company so successful?

Unimanix can continuously produce washers and cleaners on a high level due to its research policy. It invests heavily in research and development work, to bring to its customers the latest cutting-edge innovations in cleaning and washing operations. They develop new products every year. They have also developed 100% electric pressure washers, dry steam generators and jet wash solutions. They also claim to provide the most comprehensive list of commercial and industrial pressure washer solutions in Canada.

Another reason forUnimanix’s success is that in addition to their standard product models, they are also willing to get creative. They can offer customized solutions to their customers depending on their needs. They work closely with their client base and offer them specially developed washing and cleaning solutions in accordance with requirements.

What do they offer?

In addition to manufacturing and supplying equipment, Unimanix also provides power washer maintenance services across major cities of Canada. They also develop parts and accessories of the highest stock levels. They pride themselves on their after sales service and claim to ensure the highest standards of service.

They have a wide range of products for consumer’s purchase, with devices ranging from hot and cold water power cleaners, commercial level cleaners, detergents, oil separators to large-scale water filtration systems.

Unimanix’s website also features content on how to make the most of their devices. They include how to get paint and rust off of walls, and how to keep large-scale manufacturing machines clean. All such practices ensure that Unimanix remains a top-level performer in the industry for years to come.