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HVAC Repairs on the Different Types of Systems

When you are considering HVAC repairing heating, ventilation and air condoning units you have to first know what type of system it is. In addition, the understanding of the kind of system will help to know the kind of maintenance that is required.

The different types of HVAC system require different repairing procedures and tools. Furthermore, the different types would also develop varying problems. This may either be solved by the owner or a professional specialist. In this respect the article has highlighted the different types of HVAC system. In addition it has also differentiated these types of system by showing their properties.

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Split Heating and Air system

This is the most used air conditioning system. Additionally the systems are installed both inside and outside home. Each part installed part mechanically work to ensure your desired temperature is attained.

The split system has an air conditioner, a fan, ducts, and thermostat units that are integrated to suit your comfort.  Furthermore it can also have components such as UV lamps, cleaner and purifiers installed. However these extra components are optional.

It has a simple design that is easy to install and include a remote operation for regulating the temperature.

Hybrid system

Secondly there is the hybrid system which is also a traditional system. However it is considered to be more efficient when considering usage of energy. In addition the property of switching fuelling sources not only saves you money but also conserves energy. It performs the same function as gas furnace when fitted with a heat pump.

The parts of the hybrid split system includes refrigerant, pump, furnace and evaporator coils. More so the system will be installed with ducts which will channel air all round the compartments. 

Duct-Free system

Unfortunately not all system uses the duct units to channel air. These systems vary in shape and size. Thus are ideal in places where ducts cannot be installed. Consequently require the list repairs and their maintenance is also minimal. Therefore, the following are the main components which comprise duct free system.

  • Heat pump that facilitate in cooling or heating up the refrigerant
  • A compact fan coil
  • Wires and tubes that connect the fun coil to the outside unit
  • Finally the thermostat which in other words is known as the control panel 

Packaged heating and Air system

Lastly we have the packaged HVAC system which is designed for the small spaced compartments or a small office. This system contains all the featured components of an air conditioner in one unit.  In addition it comprises of heat pump with a fan coil and a thermostat all integrated into one system.

In conclusion it has both air conditioner and heating on one system. Furthermore it is easy to install and as a result saves on space and money. 


From the above types of HVAC system we can conclude that the repairs vary with each type. Therefore, it is usually important to know the most ideal system for you. I addition the more you know about the system the easier it will be to maintain.