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Options in Aspen Pallet Lumber

Most people probably only know “aspen” as a popular ski resort, but the term is actually used to describe many things. For one, “aspen” also refers to wood from a certain class of trees which share certain characteristics.  These trees can be harvested to assemble Woodspec.ca precut aspen pallet lumber, which is commonly used to make furniture.  

Aspen lumber is a common furniture material because it has a pleasant, soft appearance but is surprisingly durable. Also, the wood is not very flammable; certainly a trait people will appreciate among furniture they will place throughout their home.Image result for Options in Aspen Pallet Lumber


If you work with wood at all then you know that pine is among the most affordable and accessible—and, therefore, most popular—types of wood.  Light in color as well as weight—trademark traits of aspen pallet lumber—pine also is known to have brown knots.  The disparity in color might be a bit eye-catching so pine is more commonly used in rustic furniture pieces like farmhouse tables and chairs.  Still, since it is so easy to find—and easy to buy since it is so cheap—many people like to use it to make children’s furniture.  In addition, pine is pretty strong (despite its soft look) and holds onto paint pretty well, and it is pretty resistant to shrinking, so it is a pretty wise choice. Be warned, though, that it is somewhat vulnerable to scratching and denting.


Maple can be somewhat reddish in color and is considered a hardwood because it is so strong.  This strength makes it an excellent candidate for sturdy furniture like dressers and cabinets.  While it is very strong—and can last for quite a long time—maple is also among the more affordable types of hardwood.


Cherry is similar to maple in that it is strong and has a reddish tint. Sometimes cherry can have a blondish tone, too.  Cherry has clean lines (as opposed to the dark, contrasting brown knots of pine) which makes it ideal for Shaker-style cabinets, tables, and carved chairs. Of course, it also shapes quite easily and is easy to polish, which also makes it a popular wood for these types of household components.