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Plumbing Noises to Watch Out For in Your Home

Making sure that you’re listening to your plumbing is always a good thing. You want to make sure that nothing bad is happening throughout the home and when the plumbing is acting up, you need to have it fixed and fast. Some of the noises you hear are normal, while others might mean that something worse is happening throughout the home.

Here are some of the most common noises that happen in the plumbing of a house and what to be aware of when it comes to hearing them.

  1. Banging Sounds

This is a common, classic sound that is usually heard inside the home. It doesn’t mean that the sky is falling or that there is going to be water rushing through the walls any time soon. However, it could mean that the pipes throughout the home are loose and need to be tightened. It could also mean that the pipes are moving to accommodate the water that is flowing inside them.

Fix: Consult a plumber to tighten or place new plumbing inside the home to remove the banging and ensure that the pipes are in great shape.

  1. Whooshing Sounds through the Pipes

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This is also common, but more common in homes that have hard water. This is because the water ends up putting sediment and other build up throughout the pipes. This is a common occurrence and doesn’t actually hurt anything in your plumbing system.

Fix: A professional can flush and clean out the sediment from the pipes for you.

  1. Toilet Whistling

A whistling toilet can be unsteadying at first. When it happens, the toilet is usually flushed first then the whistling comes right after. This is generally a loose valve inside the tank of the toilet. You can tell by removing the lid of the toilet and seeing if the source of the sound is from there.

Fix: This is an easy fix you can do yourself! Just remove the top of the tank, adjust the value by tightening or loosening it. It is the part that floats on the top of the water inside the tank.

  1. Dripping Sounds

This is common if the faucets in the home are not turned off all the way. The sinks, tubs and other areas should be checked first. If it is not coming from one of them, then it might be a leak inside the walls of the home with the plumbing.

Fix: This is a serious problem and you should consult a professional to have it addressed. Leaking water inside the walls of the home is never a good sign. By having them come in, they can find the leak and address it before mold, mildew and other growth happens.

  1. Water Heater Noises

Sounds in the pipe can very well be coming from the water heater in the home. Growls, loud bangs and other sounds can end up causes a lot of racket. Determine if the sounds only happen when hot water is being used, or if it is something that happens all the time.

Fix: Always consult a plumbing professional with water heater issues. They’re able to come in and find the source of the problem, while also ensuring that it is fixed.