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Different companies, different industries, different specializations! In the world of construction, workers on site are the most vulnerable amongst all the employees that a company has. More so, companies should act on the matters that will protect their employees and lessen the expenses caused by various hazards, accidents and even deaths of their workers. In order to do this, companies should be aware of the proper things to consider before buying protective gears like, safety eyeglasses, safety vests, safety gloves, safety shoes, hard hats and so the like, which are all essential for use. What do we do?

Select Appropriate Personal Safety and Protective Gears

Always make sure to consult with the workers or a specific person who specializes on that field, before selecting personal safety and protective gears for them to use. These workers are intimately familiar with the details of their work and work environment, thus they are the able ones to identify issues and risks that may escaped your notice. They are also able and knowledgeable enough to help select the correct size and comfort into consideration, because they will be the one using and wearing it.

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Always make sure that the item meets relevant regulations or standards. For example, in the United States, there are certain marking that signifies that the equipment meets specific or basic safety requirements and, in some cases, has been tested and certified by an independent body.

If employees or workers will need to use multiple items of personal safety and protective gears at the same time, like using safety eyeglasses together with the safety hats, make sure that they can be worn together without hindering any of their functions. These things should also be considered when selecting appropriate personal safety and protective gears.

How to Properly Use Personal Safety and Protective Gears

It is the employer’s responsibility to instruct and train their employees on how to properly use their personal safety and protective gears. Instructions or manual should always accommodate the safety gears, but most importantly it should be explained thoroughly and as much as possible be shown to the workers. In addition to this, you don’t only show how to use it, but the employees also needed to know why the personal safety and protective gears needs to be used, when it should be used, how to take care of it or maintaining it, how it should be stored, how it should be cleaned, and a lot of other important limitations.

How to Maintain Safety Gears

Safety gears should be kept clean and in good conditions in order for it to last. Workers should be advice of how to maintain it by following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule or instructions, including the recommended replacement periods and shelf lives. Workers should always inspect their personal safety and protective gears before use. Simple maintenance can be carried out by the employees themselves, like using the right cloth to clean the safety eyeglasses or safety goggles, using the right chemicals or cleaning solutions for the safety vests, or using specific brushes for safety shoes. In addition to that, just be advised that more intricate repairs, such as replacing parts, should only be done by specialists.

By these information, injuries will be avoided and lessen; and other inevitable things that comes with it will be minimized. Always remember that safety initially starts with an individual; more so a good company, has a safe work place and safe employees.