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Seven Stunning Ways of Reusing Wine Barrels in Home Decor

You might have an old oak barrel that was once used for aging wine. Did you ever think that Wine Barrel could serve some purpose besides aging and transporting wines? Instead of throwing them away, you can use to create valuable and ecological home decors and furniture.

The owners of Hungarian Workshop, Las Vegas are nature lovers and environmental conscious too. They have made good use of those dumped barrels by giving them a new life. They manufacture natural wood furniture for your home decoration from those dumped oaks.

Let’s see what you can make from an ordinary barrel.

Furniture sets

If you want new furniture set for your interior, why not use a wine barrel? A growing trend that is catching up these days is the decorative furniture made of wine barrels. You can transform these old wine barrels into furniture pieces.

It’s handy, just demands creative ideas and looks exclusively stylish. No money wasted on expensive furniture sets. Benches, tables, chairs, stool – whatever you want can be made out of it.

Wine Barrel has the perfect shape, so you can easily transform it into a table.

  • Give a rusty look to your room simply by cutting barrel into two halves.
  • Decorate your bedroom, hall, office or bathroom with the type of table you want, a coffee or a bedside table, a stool etc   

Wedding Decor

Wine barrels are perfect choice to complement your wedding decorations. For your wedding, you want to have a rustic theme party? Or a country styled decoration? Or a chic theme? From being a cocktail table to a flowers vase, the wine barrel can be made into anything.


  • Craft your garden just by replacing garden pots with barrels and some flowers in it. You can also turn it to a garden bench, dining set etc

How about

  • A mini water fountain with some beautiful stones?
  • A cooler storage for drinks?
  • A hammock?

The best part is that you can do this all by yourself. It costs you nothing.

Pet Bed

We love pets. Don’t you?

So, how about gifting your pet a cute little innovative bed? It’s all easy, follow these steps.

  • Cut the barrel into half.
  • Add soft mattress.
  • You can paint it or add some decorations to it and it’s ready.

Here’s a homemade bed for your pet. Also, it’s portable. You can keep it in your laundry room or storage room or in bedroom corner.

Light fixture

We bet you never thought about this. There’s nothing great than a light hanging over your dining table. Well, that small chandelier may cost you pretty much. It’s time for best out of waste!  Wine barrel can serve the purpose of light fixture too. After all, barrel is wood and wood goes well with metals, glass and brick.

Fire pit

Using wine barrel as a firewood holder will definitely give a unique and charming look to your interior.

What else?

Barrel bar, Barrel pond, Barrel buffet table, A cool wall art, the list goes on…….

Author’s Bio:

This Guest Post has been written by Scott Forbes. You can visit Hungarian Workshop website for exclusive discounts and design previews. They have a huge collection of most innovative Barrel furniture, Home decor accessories, Panels Ottomans, etc. Although situated in Las Vegas, they take international orders as well. They offer both wholesale and single piece works to their customers.