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Signs that Your Water Heater Needs Repair/Replacement

The availability of warm, running water is a vital necessity in every home. This water is usually used to accomplish a wide range of tasks ranging from bathing, hand-washing, to cooking.

Typically the average American can utilize water of varying warmth several times a day which places a significant demand on your water heater. It can be upsetting to come home in the evening after a long day hoping to enjoy a hot shower only to discover that your water heater is no longer working properly.

 A malfunctioning water heater can interrupt your daily schedule and inconvenience you a big deal. However, before your heater breaks down, it will show you several signs which can help you determine if you need to call a water heater repair expert. Here are some of the top signs that your water heater requires repair or replacement.

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Low Hot Water Pressure

One of the common causes of low hot water pressure is mineral deposit buildup. The mineral deposits can do more than just reducing the efficiency of your water heater elements. They can also build up enough to block your pipes which reduce the water pressure coming out of your water heater. Poor design and kinked distribution can also cause reduced water pressure.

Unusual Noises from the Heater

Another common sign that your water heater requires repair or replacement is noise from the tank. Typically, as the heater ages, rumbling sounds that emanate from your tank will start becoming louder and louder as the tank heats up.

If you are a household that consumes large amounts of water, the problem might be worse, and you need to call water heater repair experts faster. Noise from your tank can be caused by sediment buildup and flushing the heater can help solve the issue.

Leaking Water

A leaking water heater can cause major water damage to your home. It is good to keep in mind that even the smallest leaks can develop into a major disaster over time. Therefore, always ensure that all leaks, no matter how small they might be, are detected and repaired to prevent significant problems from occurring.

However; it can be difficult to detect the minor leaks on your water heater. Develop a habit of inspecting the area around your heater often for any water traces. If you find any water in the area, examine the pipes and fixtures to see where the water is coming from and call a water heater repair expert to fix the problem.

Lack of Hot Water

Is your shower water lukewarm? Or does it take a lot of time to get hot water from your tap? Well, your heater might be having some problems since this is one of the most common signs of a failing heater.

Mineral deposit buildup at the bottom of your tank over time can create a substantial barrier between the burner and water which can lead to cold showers. The more the mineral deposits build up, the harder your tank’s heating element has to work harder which could also push your monthly energy bill up.