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The Different Kinds of Modern Nightstand Lamps

The bedroom is your private sanctuary. Whether you love lying down on the bed, reading a book or watching television, the type of lamps you place in your bedroom certainly sets the vibe. The nightstand lamp, in particular, is a vital lighting element because it allows you to not just see in the dark, but also work on your bed. Whether you want a lamp to decorate your bedroom or need a light source for nighttime reading, If you love to read before you doze off to sleep, picking the perfect nightstand lamp could make a difference.

Modern nightstand lamps take different forms, shapes, and sizes. Each has its unique look and features, sporting various designs, materials and creative novelty. Are you looking for the right modern nightstand lamp to complement the look of your bedroom? Here are your best options.

Contemporary Table lamp

Perhaps the most obvious choice for a nightstand lamp is the table lamp. Typically placed on your nightstand table, the modern table lamp can serve as an adornment in your bedroom as well as an adjacent light source for night time reading. Contemporary table lamps come in various designs on its base, shade and even the type of light they emit. From simple to an elegant base; plain to printed shade and full lighting to subdued ambiance, there’s a table lamp you can place on your nightstand to fit your needs.

Novelty Lamps

If you are going after the look of the lamp more than function, the novelty lamp comes out as an excellent choice. Novelty lamps are decorative in design. While the novelty lamp still provides a light source, its primary purpose is to enhance the look of your bedroom. There are numerous types of novelty lamps to choose from depending on the theme and look of your bedroom. Industrial novelty lamps have a more streamlined and masculine look to it, while novelty lamps meant for your child’s bedroom tends to be full of color and character. A notable type of novelty lamp is the Tiffany which features a beautiful stained glass look.

Task table lamp

The task or desk table lamp is a fantastic choice for a nightstand lamp if you frequently read a book or work on your computer on your bed. The task table lamp typically comes with an adjustable swing arm so you can direct the light wherever it is needed. Additionally, this lamp is a good alternative for a conventional table lamp particularly if you need a reliable light source when working in your bed.

Sconce bedside lamp

Both functional and decorative, the sconce bedside lamp allows you to set a relaxing and gentle ambiance in your bedroom while still giving you some light for doing tasks. The sconce bedside lamp typically comes in pairs, with each one placed on the nightstand table on both sides of the bed. The best thing about this type of nightstand lamp is that it is usually more compact in design than other nightstand lamps, giving you more space on your bedside table.

The right nightstand lamp sets the mood in your bedroom as well as serves as a decorative piece to complement the look of this private space. If you want to update the look of your bedroom with a nightstand lamp, there are numerous lamps you can choose from, such as those that you can find at lamptwist.com