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Things People Always Pack Wrong and Tips on How to Pack Them Right  

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Avoid common packing mistakes that can cost you time and money by using these simple, effective packing tips from moving experts.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are usually the last thing packed. For this reason, they’re often tossed in a box where chemicals can not only spill but mix with each other to create a deadly concoction. Avoid this problem by packing disinfectant, bleach, window cleaner and other cleaning liquids upright in a box so they don’t topple over. To be extra safe, take off the lids, add plastic wrap to the top of the bottle and then re-fasten the lid.


Never pack a flat-screen TV horizontally. Instead, it should be stood vertically, ideally in the box that you first bought it in. Wrap the front with a towel, rug or blanket to protect the screen.


Never pack all your books in the same box, especially if you own a lot of heavy books. Most cardboard boxes can’t handle the weight of too many books. Instead, mix your books together with other personal belongings to create a balanced load that is easy to move and less likely to incur damage.


Label wires so you know what devices they go with. It’s also a smart idea to take a quick picture of the back of your electronic gadgets so you know how to connect the wires once you arrive at your destination.


As odd as it may sound, dishes should be stacked on their edges when packed. Cushion the edges and top of the box with crumpled newspaper to avoid damage.

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