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Things That You Should Consider While Buying Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops are the trending hot picks when it comes to kitchen renovation. And you don’t have to believe it because everyone says it, you must check their quality, finish, and stunning designs, and you’ll automatically fall in love with them. Having said that, there are a lot of other things that you should consider while buying a granite countertop. And the most important ones of those considerations are listed below.

  • The Company You Choose – Invest optimum time when it comes to finding out what company to buy granite countertops from. The best ones include companies like the Everest Granite company that’s based in Montreal. This is because such companies send professionals for a house visit to access your interiors and then help you choose the correct color and pattern that can enhance your interiors manifolds. Besides, they also give out samples so that you can check the quality
  • Your Budget – Variety can be tempting. Thus, you should always keep your budget in mind while choosing a granite countertop. Remember, thicker slabs are the costly ones. But in the case of a budget limitation, you can always buy granite tiles that look equally classy. Lastly, there are a bundle of hangout options to choose from that’ll further save money

Tips To Maintain Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops are easy to maintain. But before that, you must know that they come in 3 finishes to choose from.

  1. Polished Finish – It looks like a mirror and is reflective and smooth. Which is why you’ll need minimum effort to clean this one. Also, it’s the least porous of all the other finishes
  2. Honed Finish – Honed finish brings out the natural porous feel of the granite rock more than bringing out colors and glare. Lastly, it has a soft texture despite being porous
  3. Leathered Finish – This finish carries the benefits of both the other 2 types. It’s smooth and reflective like the polished granite and hides imperfections in cut and shape like the honed finish

And now comes the list of maintenance tips that’ll help you in prolonging the shine, texture, colors, and life of your kitchen countertop.

  • You should use warm water with a disinfecting soap to clean the granite surface regularly
  • Avoid oil spillage since granite can stain when exposed to specific oils. Remember to remove such stains immediately
  • Despite it’s almost scratch proof, do not use any sharp object to clean the edges of the slab
  • Granite is not affected by hot water. Therefore, use hot water to rinse the surface if exposed to oil