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Tips for Choosing the Best Art for A Gallery Wall

When staring at someone’s salon-pattern wall, it is hard to avoid the impulse to pause and peer at each photograph, illustration, or painting more closely. Maybe it is due to the fact that a gallery looks like multiple windows in the mind of the homeowner, the more revealing it is, the better. I always say that it’s always better to purchase what you adore and you can never go wrong with it.

Do you have lots of witty vibrant abstracts, old-school posters, text phrases, as well as black and white drawings? The question still remains “how can you bring all these designs together to form one display? Below are some top tips provided that can help you better make a great gallery wall.

#1: Tell a story

Wall decoration reflects your personal style, personality, and interests. It reveals to others that it’s a factor which makes you and your whole life interesting. Also, when curated in a salon wall, it should properly express that story. Find out what you have to say and then pursue it! Each piece of artwork you select should fit well into your narrative. I used to love the combination of an illustration, a painting (watercolor or oil), and a handful of good prints as they convey my story: traditional meets contemporary, and always with a good twist!

#2: Do not lean too much in one direction

It is really a balancing act between having cool and warm colors harmonized; visually light and heavy pieces and painterly works, graphic, and photographic pieces to develop a look that, in general, is very easy on the eyes. The charm that comes from a salon wall is visual cohesion that’s still energetic and eclectic.

#3: Make it as small or big as you wish

More is always more! But it is necessary to remember that having a salon wall curated is not about the numbers, but instead displaying pieces which are inspiring and personal, and which tells your unique story. Whether it is 5 or 14 pieces, it all depends on you! I do, however, like an odd number of pieces for the best visual intrigue. That exactly the same way many top art galleries like Galerie LeRoyer does it!

#4: Build out from a good focal point

To avoid the combination looking very messy (and bitsy when you have smaller instead of larger pieces), anchor this gallery with at least a single commanding work, and then ensure you sprinkle the rest around, changing the orientation and sizes for a better-balanced composition.

bearing these tips in mind will go a long way to help you have a well decorated and glamour-filled art gallery wall everyone will always desire.