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Tips to clean the House from bugs

Not without homes of disgusting insect, where families and their individual members of those bugs, and it comes with some individuals to extreme fear of being at home, than to leave home or resort to another place to stay.

So it was urgent and necessary, and that captures the housewives and the family is to get rid of household insects.

We put in front of you several tips to clean the House of bugs involving first identification type insects in your home to determine the appropriate way to control and vary the insect species and ways to combat them as follows:

Pests for tissues, where they feed those pests on textiles (cloth), feeding on the clothes of wool and fur and feathers these pests make holes in clothes making them unfit for use.

You can meet these pests by washing the fabrics in the water at the temperature of 60 degrees, since destroyed these pests, as well as you can put wool or fur inside bags or sealed bags and placed in a clean place to avoid these pests.

Home cockroaches:

An abnormally spread insect with foul odors produced by one of its glands and fed on its corresponding foods.

You can face cockroaches by disposing of rubbish bags. Cockroaches are attracted to garbage places. You should also clean and wash dishes. Wash floors and kitchen shelves with soap and water and use safe insecticides.

Fleas are small insects in motion small in size and suck blood of animals and humans.

You can face fleas using a deep dish with water and some cleaning materials (liquid soap, for example). This liquid attracts fleas to the water and dies. Some also use lemon to combat fleas by placing lemon slices in a container filled with water and heating it. Until it reaches the boiling point, and then put it in the glass to spray on the places where the fleas.

The Law:

Or what is scientifically known as mosquitoes, and is one of the most disturbing insects of the voice, and contributes abnormally to the spread of infectious diseases and transmitted by blood, as it feeds on blood.

You can face mosquitoes or mosquitoes by placing wires and closing them tightly. You can also use oil or aromatic oils by fumigating them using a burning candle. Be careful to use low lights or use safe pesticides to counter them.


Like mosquitoes, where it is the first to disturb family members, as well as causing many infectious diseases.

You can face the flies by controlling the house’s outlets and closing them. Do not leave foods inside the house exposed or waste time with food. Close the garbage bin so that the flies do not seep and collect on those wastes. You can use peppermint and lavender oil.

Here are some tips to clean the house of insects

1 – Make sure to clean the house all the way periodically and continuously.

2 – Put the waste food in a dustbin with a tight lid and work to clean it continuously.

3 – work on the ventilation of the house and exposure to the sun.

4 – work to fill gaps and cracks in the house and follow-up.

5 – work to clean the cooking utensils and serving dishes and not left for a long time in the basin wash utensils.


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