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Top 6 Beautiful Shipping Container Homes

There is no real improvement, especially if it involves creating a small home from recycled shipping containers. In short, shipping containers look like a gigantic stack of rusty boxes, but with slight ingenuity, they make for a surprising home.

The idea of shipping container houses aims to shape a building along with sustainable construction. The idea is to turn a piece of metal into a living space, but fortunately, countless architects and designers have managed to create the impossible.

From small studios to large homes, let’s take a look at some of the amazing designs of the best shipping container houses:

Nomad Living Guest House

The Nomad Living guest house is made of a single 40-foot craft container, and it provides about 320 square feet of ground space. Do not be fooled by the size of this small home; Nomad Living guest house has a living room, a dining room, and a bedroom. At one end of the apartment, there is a small bathroom. It has no kitchen, because it is a guest house but has an outside kitchen near the building.

Uber 360 Home

The Uber 360 is a Houston-based vessel made of a 45-foot container. The 360 square feet residence may look small, but offers many amenities; including a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom, a balcony and a Jacuzzi. This home is designed by Numen Development and meant to make a considerable space than it appears. Thanks to the design and practical spatial furnishings, the Uber 360 offers all the luxury of a simple home!

WFH House

Nordic architectural values enthuse this house, the WFH home is a large container that offers a living area of 1937 square meters. Danish architectural studio Agency designs it that features high ceilings, open spaces, and plenty of natural light. The shipping containers are assembled to create a home on many levels. It includes a kitchen, a living room, and two bedrooms, one workspace, and one entertainment units rooms.

Maison Container Home

Designed by the French architect Patrick Partouche, the project ” Maison Container” is a two-story home made up of eight containers. This modern 2,240 square meter building takes only three days to build with a budget of 221,000 euros. The home of Maison’s house is a substantial residential area bounded by massive glass walls for a continuous view of the adjacent sceneries. It has a fully furnished kitchen, three bedrooms, a patio, and a dining room.

Containers of Hope Residence

Benjamin Garcia Saxe designs this beautiful home, and the residence consists of two 40-foot long freight shipping containers to secure 1,000 square feet of living area. The central corridor of the house is equipped with a raised roof for better ventilation. The Hope Residence containers have open spaces and large glass windows for stunning views of the mountains beyond.

Bley Sleeping Container Home

Bley Sleeping Container House is an elegant, contemporary design designed by the architects of A. Gruppo. Primarily, the house had only 400 square feet of living space. In 2011, they renovated it to 950 square feet living area. Regardless of its compressed uneven configuration, the Bley Shipping Container is positively combined with rich architecture.