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What To Do in the Event of a Gas Leak

Normally, natural gas is an odorless hydrocarbon. However, in order to alert homeowners and dwellers of any gas leaks, sulfur is added; this is due to the rotten egg smell of sulfur and serves as a precautionary measure.

Natural gas is known as one of the safest and cleanest-burning fuel sources; However, at high levels, natural gas can lead to various hazards and fatalities; When the burning is right, it produces water vapor and carbon dioxide. This gas is used to power stoves and heaters in many homes.

Compared to coal, oil, and wood, natural gas is known to fewer greenhouse emissions. It is widely used due to its high combustion rate. Simply put, large amounts of heat can result from small amounts of natural gas; little wonder why a simple leak can lead to a great explosion.

Gas leaks are serious issues that can be very dangerous. Therefore, when you suspect a gas leak, there are immediate steps you should take. They include:

  • Do not use a telephone
  • Do not unplug anything
  • Do not flip any electric switch

The above steps all point towards stopping whatever you are doing and leaving the house.

An ailment known as asphyxia results from inhaling a high concentration of natural gas. The symptoms include chest pain and fatigue. It is as a result of a decrease in oxygen and an increase in carbon monoxide.

When You Cannot Smell the Gas

During a cold period, the nose may get stuffy; this can prevent you from smelling the gas when there is a leak. This increases the chances of having high levels of the gas. In this case, installing a carbon dioxide detector can alert you during times of dangerous gas levels. It is your duty to make sure the batteries are charged and the detectors are functional. A plumber in Fredericksburg can help you in this regard

When you Smell a Gas Leak

It is advised to call for help immediately when you smell a gas leak. Plumbers in Fredericksburg know just how to handle this kind of situation. There are various plans of action for different times:

When you smell the leak near an appliance, you can find the problem and fix it.  The cause may be a slightly open burner valve or the pilot may have gone out.

When you smell the gas inside, your actions depend on the gas levels. If the smell is not so strong, call a plumber. The following are steps to take while waiting for the professionals to arrive:

  • Do not put on candles
  • Avoid the use of doorbells
  • Stay away from electrical switches
  • Avoid smoking
  • Put the telephone aside
  • Put out open flames
  • Keep everyone away from the area
  • Do not adjust thermostats or other appliance controls.

When you smell the gas outdoors, relevant authorities must be alerted immediately. You must endeavor not to operate vehicles near the source, and do not attempt to solve the problem alone.

Sometimes, you may hear gas escaping. When this happens, you must keep others away from the area; call the local plumber immediately and stay out of your house until it is safe.