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Which Type of Stove? Gas Or Multi-fuel?

When it comes to stoves that are used for warming a home, you have a few options to choose from. These are different types of stove that are available. Wood burning stoves are used where wood is main source of fuel. These stoves are made from a construction that is all metal which is either cast iron or steel. Main components of the stove are chimney and a burn chamber.

Gas stoves heat homes in a similar manner to wood burners although this model is meant to use propane or natural gases rather than wood. Using gas, the stove produces less pollution and they are easy to deal with instead of woodstoves. Stoves come in direct vent and vent less models. You can see more gas stoves here.

Electric stoves are designed to replicate the look and feel of traditional heating stoves. One main difference is that they use electricity as fuel rather than wood or gas. Most types that are available are either portable or able to operate on a standard home electrical outlet. There are other models that have the option of turning off the heating feature so that users can enjoy the look of flames without having the heat.

Pellet stoves burn pellets of compressed wood or biomass material instead of chopped wood or gas. You are going to put fuel pellets into a hopper and from there, the pellets will be fed into a burn chamber in order to produce heat.

Multi fuel stoves give one the benefit of a wood burning stove with the extra benefit of having the option to use other types of solid fuel as an option to wood. These are some of the benefits of using multi fuel stoves.

They are straight forward and quite easy to use. All that is needed is for you to insert your ideal choice of fuel and then start it up. The efficient and versatile nature of the stove makes it easy to install and use.

Another benefit is that you are not going to be limited to using wood logs as the only source of fuel for your stove. You can use other fuels such as coal, pellets and peat. Using wood can be a bit tiresome due to all the processes that you need to do before you can use your wood logs. Wood should be cut first and then left to dry off for sometime.

These stoves are going to save you a lot of money in the long haul. It has the benefit of being able to use different kinds of fuel. If you have a stove which only uses one type of fuel and then the prices increased, you are going to be out of luck. With this stove, you are not going to buy an overpriced fuel.

One of the main problems of having to reply on gas or even electricity to heat your home is the fact that it quickly burns non renewable sources. For those with a multi fuel stove, you are going to choose fuel that is green such as wood or even pellets from second hand wood.

As seen from the information provided above, those are some of the benefits that you stand to gain when you use multi fuel stoves.

All these different types of heating stoves have their main benefits and drawbacks as well. The type that is ideal for you is going to depend on your needs, preferences and proprieties. Understanding how different stoves work and what they offer is going to help you make an informed choice.

It is therefore essential for you to know all these types so that you can choose the right one.