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Why Ceramic Tiles are Ideal for Walls and Floors?

Flooring with ceramic tiles are everyone’s favorite option to choose from to be used in homes and workplaces all over the world. These tiles can be used in every room, hence, ceramic tiles are ideal for your home. These tiles are functional, feasible, and attractive and they also come in various shapes, sizes and textures where you have infinite ranges to choose from at Ceramique au Sommet Laval.

  1. These tiles are water proof

Glazed ceramic tiles come bearing a hard protective layer on top that renders these tiles water and stain proof, and tolerance for high humidity conditions. Hence, why ceramic tiles are ideal for wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Mostly every ceramic tile comes in glazed, and there are unglazed tiles as well. These tiles must be sealed to shield them from stains and liquids. With these tiles, the grout present between the tiles are exposed to moisture and stains and must be sealed on a regular basis for the sake of protection.

  1. These tiles are durable

Ceramic tiles are strong and tough to crack. When you install high quality ceramic tiles, they can last for years and years if proper maintenance is done on the floor. Just, in case if the tile cracks because of a significant impact, then the procedure for tile replacement is also very easy.

  1. There are so many design options to choose from

Modern manufacturing processes let the ceramic experts build materials that can be published in many ways. They use the solid tiles to mix and match with the patterns or accent them with custom designs. They can also print the design to bring out the looks of many natural stones and hardwoods. Eventually, then these tiles are cut and shaped into various forms like rectangles, planks, triangles etc.

  1. They keep the allergen issues at bay

Ceramic tiles come bearing solid and hard surface that never attract or cling onto dust, dirt, pollen or other allergens. When these particles land on a ceramic tile, they are stood out against the surface, rendering it easy to wipe these particles away with the help of sponge or mop. This is super helpful in keeping the air free from all the allergic elements that is bad for asthma and allergic patients.

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