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Wonderful vertical gardens – Only pro landscaper can help you

A front garden will take the facade to another level, making it much more beautiful and inviting. It is a very good idea to beautify walls and garden boundaries in this way, leaving the grass in the middle so that the children can run and play. Even the garage deserves a bit of beauty, which you can easily incorporate with a flowerbed and tropical flowers.

A small space but with a modern and elegant landscaping that complements the terrace. Untreated wood has an organic quality that looks fantastic outdoors, especially combined with plants. If you want your garden to be even greener, Landscape Architecture professionals can help by re-designing and painting the outer walls with modern and attractive textures.

Organic garden

An orchard in the garden is not only practical for supplying you with fresh herbs and vegetables for the kitchen. It is also super decorative and aromatic. This idea is very simple and easy to do and it causes a fabulous effect. It seems as if the flowers are scattered from the basket. It is always important to create those little corners to sit and enjoy the outdoors and nature. A wicker chair, a large puff or cushion sheltered from the shade is all you need.

Color explosion

Playing with the infinite variety of shades of flowers is one of the most enjoyable activities of having a garden. You can make explosive combinations or decant in pastel colors. The accessories are also important, as they provide accents and points of interest to our gardens. If you are the ones who prefer the modern garden to the romantic one, you can incorporate structures such as the one in the photo together with stonemasons, always keeping us inside the straight lines and the geometric shapes.

With tribal airs

Tribal or artisanal touches look sensational in the gardens, especially if the vegetation tends to be more tropical. Do not overlook a good lighting that creates dramatic focuses by illuminating selected elements within the garden. If you do not have outdoor space, you can always take that little internal patio and fill it with plants.

Conclusion: Inside the house

You can also create winter gardens if you have a department combining indoor plants and flowers. At the time they were the cactus, but lately the succulents have the upper hand – they are beautiful, more decorative and exuberant than their thorny relatives and also need very little maintenance.

The perimeter fences are usually present in urban houses where it is necessary to delimit parcels of land from one another. This function means that attention is often left to the design or the type of material of the fence or wall. However, the choice of these characteristics may not be simple.